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GOLDEN CARAMEL Braided cord 5mm

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  • width:  5mm
  • length: 100m/108yds
  • composition: 93% recycled cotton, 5% Polyester, 2% Polyamide cotton
  • hook/needle size: 8-10mm

A warm, medium shade of brown with a dash of bling. We make it using Caramel thread with an addition of a few golden threads. It resembles the color of burnt brown sugar or fudge. This toned-down shade will fit in with the current interior design trends referring to the nature and desert climate.

It is earthy and saturated, it’s presence will warm up an interior or an outfit. It will work in macramé, baskets, plant hangers, carpets and bags. Recommended especially for lovers of bling and glamor style. Will work perfectly with holiday themed decorations.

Premium Braided Cord is a product for special tasks.

It is perfect for knitting, macramé, weaving and many other handicraft techniques.

Thanks to its braided structure, it will be perfect for both beginners and advanced users.

Its 5mm diameter allows you to create your dream project quickly.

Thanks to it, you can create many different interior design elements, such as carpets, baskets or macramé.

It is universal. You can create any design out of it.

We recommend using an 8-10mm crochet hook or needles for knitting. Tight stitches can be achieved with a smaller tool and looser ones with a larger tool.

Attention! This cord cannot be brushed out. You can, however, add macramé cord fringes and tassels 5mm of the same color.

This product has been granted authorization according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX. This means that it has been tested at every stage of production and does not contain substances harmful to health. It can be safely used, even in products for infants and people with allergies.

The certificate guarantees that the products labeled with it are free of harmful substances, including pesticides, allergenic dyes, and heavy metals.