Premium Eco-Friendly cords made from recycled cotton thread. Enjoy them with your fibre art projects, no matter it is macrame, crochet or weaving. 

  • Macrame cord 5mm

    Single twist cords you can later brush out fringe nicely. You can use them for macrame wall hanging, home decor, plant hanger, coasters or weave any project

    Macrame cord 5mm 
  • Macrame cord 3mm

    Single twist cords you can brush out fringe too. Perfect for wall decor, coasters, key chains, phone strap, etc

    Macrame cords 3mm 
  • Macarme cord 9mm

    9mm Macrame Cord is an incredibly soft and delicate proposition for macrame lovers. With this size, you can make projects like vertical macrame, fringes, rainbows, and leaves in a few minutes. This cord is great for brush out, macrame, and weaving

    Macarme cord 9mm 
  • Macrame cord 1.5mm

    Baby 1.5mm Macramé Cord is a perfect choice for smaller projects, macramé jewelry and small accessories, such as earrings, watch straps or bookmarks. You can also add this cord to larger macramé designs for a subtle twist. They can be brushed out fringe nicely.

    Macrame cords 1.5mm 
  • Braided Jumbo 9mm

    The jumbo cord give you a soft effect in XXL size, it has an extra polyester core thanks to which you can enjoy its shape in XXL projects. Perfect for knitting, macramé, and even for weaving.
    It works well when creating carpets, bedspreads, baskets, bags, and many other projects

    Braided Jumbo 9mm 
  • Braided cords 5mm

    Easy to work with, no matter it's for macrame or crochet. They cannot be brushed out as fringe. Perfect for bag, rug, plant hanger, basket, etc

    Braided cords 5mm 
  • Braided 3mm cord

    They are perfect choice for those looking for a light effect. The fine diameter of 3mm allows you to create subtle accessories and homeware for your interiors. Perfect for light handbags, backpacks, key rings, but also coasters and pillows. They cannot be brushed out as fringe.

    Braided cords 3mm 
  • Bobbiny Rope, Bobbiny macrame cords, Macrame plant hanger, Macrame plant hanger workshop, Macrame Workshop, Macrame DIY

    Macrame rope 3ply 5mm

    Macrame ropes 3ply are characterized by execeptional strenght, as well as the classic macrame cords, you can also make fringes and pompoms. It is perfect for projects requiring more support, like plant hangers, or if you simply like the braiding look. They are great for macrame, crocheting, kitting or weaving

    Macrame ropes 3ply 5mm 
  • Bobbiny cords, 3ply ropes, Bobbiny Hong Kong, Bobbiny Macrame Cords, Macrame Coasters, Macrame Tutorial, Crochet cords

    Macrame rope 3ply 3mm

    3ply Macramé Rope is a triple twist cord. Perfect for macramé, weaving or any fiber art. It knots beautifully and gives amazing, twirly fringes and tassels. The twisted structure it is firm and easy to work with.

    Macrame ropes 3ply 3mm 


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