Macrame Bunny Ears DIY

Macrame Bunny Ear Tutorial DIY

Hi all,

How to make different shape of macrame bunny ears? I've uploaded the macrame bunny ears tutorial on youtube . You can make the ears drop or twisted. Of course, you can create your unique style of bunny ears with various ear length, color combination and etc. They can be cute decoration or babe teether! 

Here are the materials I used for the bunny ears:

Bobbiny 3mm braided cords:

Color A: 2m x 2

Color B: 2m x 2

Wood rings:

7.5cm and 5.5 cm 

And I made 21 square knots for "each ear".

Except braided cords, you can try different cords, such as macrame single twist cord, or any cord you've found. I used a crochet hook to hide the remaining cords so braided cords would be easier as it is slightly elastic. Otherwise you can just cut the remaining cords neatly at the back.

Share your bunny ears on instagram and tag us @lovelessknots. Hope you enjoy!

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